Meeting and Event Planning

Event planning industry is highly fragmented with many small players vying for recognitions.  GMS Meetings, on the other hand, is one of the leading meeting planning companies in Chicago with affiliate offices throughout the world.

Employing a team of professional meeting planners, recognized for their creativity and talent, GMS Meetings provides meeting and event planning services to an impressive list of blue-chip clients from around the world. GMS Meetings is one of few companies in the field with worldwide reputation for excellence. Thanks to its talented meeting planners, GMS Meetings is consistently ranked among the best companies in the industry.  Having managed large-scale meetings throughout the world, meeting professionals at GMS Meetings are at home anywhere in the world.

Whether your event is an intimate meeting of the board of directors in a secluded resort or a very public launch of a new product, meeting professionals at GMS Meetings will ensure flawless execution to make everyone shine.  Of all the event planning companies, GMS Meetings is the one Fortune-500 companies turn to if they want a worry-free meeting or event.  Having produced large-scale or unique events on every continent, GMS Meetings is the meeting management company most corporate event planners have come to trust for that perfect execution of their events or meetings anywhere in the world.

Meeting planning is about resourcefulness:  Whether it is a gathering of a company’s own personnel, a sales meeting or a partnering session, as a premier meeting management company, we make sure they all run as smoothly as possible.  From tradeshows, to exhibitions to conventions of any nature and magnitude, we are the experts in planning successful meetings—for everything from venue selection, contract negotiation, transportation, logistics, staffing, to audio-visual services, GMS Meetings is your one-stop shop for that perfectly executed meeting.

Venue Sourcing

Venue Sourcing

GMS Meetings excels in venue selection that meets every client’s unique needs and specific requirements.  Armed with an impressive list of unique meeting venues anywhere in the world, GMS Meetings always tries to make sure that there is a perfect match between the client’s objectives and the venue attributes.

GMS Meetings has made the venue section and contract negotiation an art.  With so much of a client’s event riding on how perfectly a venue meets the event’s objectives, GMS Meetings has developed a list of gem meeting venues in many parts of the world down to every detail of each venue’s specifications.  In the event planning field, venue selection is one of the key factors in the success of an event.

GMS Meetings studies the objectives of each event carefully to ensure that proposed venues meet those objectives as perfectly as possible with the singular goal of ensuring the unequivocal success of the event in every aspect.  Venue selection has evolved into an art and few event planning companies are as conversant in this field as GMS Meetings.  Teaming up with qualified and hand-picked reputable suppliers, GMS Meetings has been able to transform uncommon venues into event sites with such grandeur that have left the participants with lasting memorable impressions.

Meeting Logistics

Meeting Logistics

Meeting Logistics is the application of an intricate management discipline in the creation and development of events of any kind including meetings, conferences, tradeshows, exhibitions, product launches, etc. Event logistics has evolved into a science. It involves studying the client’s vision, goals and long-term objectives to ensure a successful execution of an event. In specific cases, an event logistics company must also carefully study the intricacies of the client’s brand, identifying and analyzing the target audience for an event, devising the event concept, planning the required logistics and coordinating all technical aspects before the event is launched. Regardless of its size or nature, once an event gets under way, event logistics get in high gear. That involves each and every aspect of the execution of the event to ensure a seamless process. Event logistics conclude with a post-event analysis to ensure a satisfactory return on investment for the client.

The demand for professionally-executed meetings and events means that event logistics can no longer be carried out in an ad hoc manner. The successful execution of an event calls for a methodic approach to event planning and logistics. GMS Meetings prides itself in its up-to-date knowledge of event logistics and its commitment to attaining the event goals and the required rate of return for its clients. In addition to our team of uniquely-qualifies professionals, we employ state-of-the-art methodologies, equipment and processes to ensure our client events consistently exceed expectations.